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Entering the Parlour
You enter through the great wooden doors of a large opulent manor. Within you see the welcoming glimpse of a tavern, comfortable and softly lit. But first you must look through the host book, upon the podium, before you go further. Within the tome are the rules of this Court and a listing of those who wonder the halls. As you flip the book open, the doors close behind you, eliciting a soft thrum, as a magical ward seals the Court off from the outside world.

First page:: This is a Host Club. We cater to those seeking entertainment of varied sorts, from gambling to drinking and private gatherings. Some of our hosts will assist you in battle and others will offer you quiet evenings of food and drink...conversation. Specialized hosts will spin you tales or sing and dance for coin. Under each host's, personal, listing you will note minor details of their qualities. Some of our hosts are undead or other than they seem. Be aware of this before moving any further into the Court.

Rules:: Handle yourself with some semblance of control. No guest is allowed to physically attack members of the Blood Moon Court, without paying a penalty. The same rule applies to Court members towards guests. (( By entering this RP setting you agree to these terms. Do not try to enter Blood Moon events with the intention of acting out against members and escaping without a fight. Battles are done on /random 100 rolls in a grouped setting. Godmodding will result in your character being banned from future events. Stalking characters oocly, will result in the same banning.))

(( Blood Moon is an open RP Guild. Random Rp welcome.))

Page Two: Seeking employment or asylum? Grab one of the scrolls from the nearby table and ink out your details. One of the officers will read it over and contact you for a personal meeting. Be aware that while Blood Moon Court is a Host Club, it's main goals are coin and power.
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